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The Branchiero Sicliano is believed to have an ancient origin, brought to Sicily by the Roman legions.1 min

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The Branchiero Sicliano is believed to have an ancient origin, brought to Sicily by the Roman legions.

Its work all the way up to modern times has been to guard the cattle in the Trapanese and Madonie regions of Sicily, and for such work, it has always been the preferred dog breed in the region.

The Branchiero was also often used as a guard-dog for butchers who used the dogs for protection of their goods when they traveled to the marked. The alternative name of the breed; “Il Cane del Macellaio” does in fact translates to “butchers dog”.

Proof of the existence of the Branchiero Siciliano and its antiquity can be found in the “The Book of the Dog”, published in 1948, where it is written; “Even to-day dogs of this old type may be found here and there, some recognized as distinct breeds and others lost in the obscurity of unorthodoxy; readily to mind, comes the Branchiero of Sicily, a now rare, short-faced cattle dog.” In modern times the Branchiero Siciliano have lost popularity, much due to the introduction of the recognized dog breeds, and as we can read above the breed was rare already in 1948.


The name Branchiero means “dog from Branco”.

The height of the Branchiero male is 70 cm. (27,5 in) or slightly more, and the weight of the males reaches about 55 kg. (121 lbs).

The tail of the Branchiero is always cropped, and the coat is smooth, which is called “pelle raso”-smooth hair.

The construction of the dog loos much the same as the Cane Corso for an untrained eye, but it differs slightly in both head, type and built.

In the late 1990’s it existed about 40 pure Branchiero’s of good type. The present situation for the breed is unknown at this time.


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