Molosser - Breed Information

  • Presa Mayo

    This is a concept breed and the creation of Chad Mayo. Apparently, the Presa Mayo is the combination of an English Bull Terrier, which you...

  • Bandog (Bandogge)

    History The Bandogge, or Bandog if you prefer, is not a purebred dog in the way we know the word purebred. The words Bandogge and...

  • Boerboel

    History The Boerboel of South Africa got an interesting history. It is said that when Jan van Riebeeck came to the Cape in 1652, he...

  • Belgian Mastiff

    Even if recognized by the FCI this breed is no longer to be found. The Belgian Mastiff has sadly become extinct and is therefore placed...

  • Cane Garouf

    The Cane Garouf, also know as Patua and Alp Mastiff, is an old working dog from the Italian Alps in north-west Italy, more precisely from...

  • Ciobanesti Carpatini

    History The mountain regions of Carpathian and Transylvania were made famous by Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula”. What is lesser known is that the Carpathian mountain...

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